Mila Redwood

Mila is a Community Songleader and Drum Maker who grew up in the northern lands of Ontario, Canada. Finding her way to Orcas Island, Mila discovered a deep love of song and rhythm. As a Community Songleader, Mila is devoted to building community through the power of song. She believes that singing is our birthright, and when we sing together in simple harmony, it creates a sense of belonging that nourishes the spirit. As a graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training (CCLT) program, in Victoria, BC, Mila holds group singing events throughout North America, including Singing Alive (Hawaii) and the Spirit Weavers Gathering (California), and directs the Joyful Earth Choir in her beloved community. She is thrilled to share her love of these ways with the world, as her offering to build a more empowered, connected, and beautiful life on earth.

Baelyn Elspeth

Baelyn grew up in Los Angeles studying dance from the time she was 4. This affinity with movement provided a doorway into her relationship with spirit, health and the body. Diving into intuitive explorations of Song and Drum, she has awakened and deepened her relationship to the ancient ways of the Sacred Feminine. The Way of Tea came in strongly as another, more subtle form of moving meditation. Whether performing traditional Tea Ceremonies, studying plant medicine, or holding ritual space with Women, for her, all these paths are ways of being a vessel for spirit and consciousness. Following her intuition has continued to lead her from one form of movement to another; from the intensely structured world of Ballet, to the quiet grace of a tea ceremony, or the wild rhythms of the Spiral Dance, Spirit speaks through her in the language of movement. It is a serendipitous occasion then that her received tea name, “Tien Wu” translates to “Heavenly Dance”.

Jackie Rose Weber

Born in the heartland of Nebraska to Midwestern roots, Jackie Rose honors the middle way, living close to the earth. After formal education she moved West falling in love with the quiet pulse of life found in the mountains. She offers whole foods for many groups and retreats throughout the year demonstrating food as medicine, with a focus on local, seasonable offerings, supporting grass roots community and sustainable food culture. Her innate desire to thrive and adventurous spirit have prompted many studies in alternative healing therapies, permaculture, and cultural dietary practices, grounded in a strong relationship to the garden. She has explored and integrated many of these healing modalities into her life including raw foods, plant medicines, yoga, massage therapy, and taosit moving meditation. She believes the power of Love to be our strongest medicine and infuses this intention in all creations. From Jackie Rose: "People always tell me they can "taste the love", and I believe it. If magic is a shift in perception, then seeing through the eyes of love is one of the most transformative powers we have, and always the secret ingredient."