"The moment that I heard about the Heartbeat Retreat, I felt a resounding YES from deep within. It was what I had been searching for, looking for, calling out for in my life. The retreat taught me so much more than I ever could have imagined. I learned how to share my voice and heart with women. I sang songs around the fire each night with women who will be my sisters forever. I ate incredible living food from the garden and surrounding community, prepared with love, and experienced nourishment on the deepest levels. Through every moment of this Retreat, I felt so deeply held and supported by Mila and Baelyn. It opened a door for me into my own heart -- through the Heartbeat -- that I have been calling to open for as long as I can remember. I am so grateful for this experience and can't wait for the next opportunity to sing, share, connect, and drum together in this way. Thank you to Mila and Baelyn from the bottom of my heart." ~ Melissa McConnell, Portland, OR.

"When Mila first shared with me her vision for the Heartbeat Retreat, I felt tingles throughout my body knowing we were all in for something really special. Mila holds such beautiful and loving space at all times, not just when facilitating a retreat, so I could only imagine what she had dreamed up for the weekend together on Orcas Island. The retreat was a gift to myself and an opportunity to not do anything except for just BE. Mila shared her blessings in bringing my four-year old daughter Naia along and it was such a dream to have so many Aunties there watching after her as I dove into self-love mode. This is the essence of true community, and this loving environment is a blessing that Mila, Baelyn and Jackie created together. It is always an honor to sit in tea ceremony with Baelyn, and always a gift to receive Jackie's amazing organic and local food offerings. I left the retreat feeling renewed, supported and nurtured by the women who shared dream-space together for 5 magical days on the Salish Sea." ~ Amy Woodruff, Kauai, HI.

"Back in September, I went on a magical journey to Orcas Island for a retreat, where Mila Redwood and Baelyn Elspeth organized five days of creating, bonding, drumming and love. I needed to have some days of healing and peace after a tumultuous summer. Our days would begin with Mila singing like an angel to us as we woke beneath majestic pines, and then Baelyn would beautifully serve tea for a meditative ceremony. We ate incredibly nourishing meals prepared by a lovely sister named Jackie, who was able to pick most of the produce from the land's prolific garden. I learned some vital lessons on this journey. One is that women need community and sisterhood to flourish and bloom. I met some new sisters that I felt a deep connection to, and will now be lifetime friends with. The other lesson is that going away into nature for a few days can be so vital for our peace of mind and health. As women we expend so much energy taking care of others, and sometimes we simply need to fill up the reservoir. On the last day of the retreat, Mila led us to an ancient and sacred place on the top of a mountain. Drumming there in a circle with my sisters, I felt a deep connection to Mama Earth and it all felt somehow familiar. The lineage between us and our ancestors was tangible and truly healing. I am forever grateful for finding my heartbeat again." ~ Shiva Rose, Santa Monica, CA.

"My experience during the Heartbeat Retreat is something that has filled me in ways I couldn’t imagine and will continue to stay fertile in my heart each day. It was an honor to share in such sacred space with the amazing women who were called to offer this gift and all those who were called to participate. Each one of them have touched my life in ways that allow me to emanate this collective love and support to all those I am blessed to cross paths with." ~ Luna Love, Los Angeles, CA. 

"Thank you for organizing a beautiful retreat. It was a fairy kingdom and a life changing experience. I took away so many things from the retreat that will be in my heart forever. The sun is just starting to rise here and I am reminded of mornings on Orcas, waking up slowly like a child from the sun peaking it's way into my tent, and hearing Mila's beautiful morning songs to wake everyone up. I never looked forward to mornings so much. The morning tea ceremonies were a blessing. There was always a moment in the morning when we would be into our second or third bowl of tea and the sun would come through the yurt from above and I started to hear the birds. I would look around at everyone and be in awe. Such beautiful surroundings to be in with beautiful, strong, and talented women." ~ Brittany Schlichting, MD.

"I am in love with what has been born from my journey to and on Orcas Island. Thank you Mila for introducing me to the ancient way of the drum & for carrying the knowledge of music. Thank you Baelyn for introducing me to the way of tea meditation. Those morning ceremonies allowed me the reverence and contemplation time to truly drop in to solve some of the inner tangles of this mind. Thank you Jackie Rose for sourcing incredible ingredients and creating meals with such love & care to support us during such a transformative and emotionally charged time. I am so honored to have been invited to and held by RavenSong, the elements, and in the embrace of sisters who travelled from near and far." ~ Demelza Walkey, Vancouver, BC